Precise Dining Installations is a family run subcontracting company that was established in 2003.


We specialize in the installation of prefabricated dining room furniture for restaurants, patios and food courts.  We install all components of the seating packages. Our strengths lie in our accuracy of layout, speed and precision of installation, and our ability to work with other sub-trades for a smooth install without the need of unnecessary participation by the general contractor.

We take great pride in our layout and will make any necessary changes needed to ensure a quality look. We are particular about having perfectly straight lines, plumb and level fixtures, with proper and equal spacing. 

We provide our own power supply so as not to tie up circuits during core drilling. We can, and often do, deal directly with the furniture manufacturer when orders are incorrect or need altering. Manufacturers whose furniture we have installed include: I.S.I., Hauser Industries Inc., International Seating and Décor, Peter Anthony Design and JBI Interiors.